Monday, September 9, 2013

Exeter Village Market's First Birthday

On Saturday 5 October the Market will be a year old and we'll be celebrating with cake for all and welcoming many new stallholders.

Join us as a visitor or as a stallholder and enjoy the fun. Everything you need to know is on the Market website or you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Exeter Village Market.
Booking a Stall
Food, Food, Food

Friday, September 6, 2013

Spring at Exeter Village Market Saturday 7 September

Exeter is open tomorrow from 9am to 3pm with so many wonderful stalls. We're celebrating Spring with fabulous food on the stalls and in the Market Cafe, original handcrafts and artwork, the freshest of produce and seedlings, trees and shrubs for spring planting.

Morphys still have truffle products - quiche, soup and butter and we have new booksellers, Jo and Peter. Come and meet them.

Georgie Friday is new to the market with a range of fresh pesto, biscotti, flavoured custards and meringues.

After you've voted, come and relax at Exeter Market. Directions and a full list of what's on is  on the website:

These are just a few of our stalls tomorrow:

Friday, July 12, 2013

Five Star reviews for Exeter Market's story, Diary of a Novice Market Organiser

Since the book was published on 20 June it has attracted interest and been reviewed. You can read the reviews here on the Market website:

Receiving good reviews is a wonderful feeling and I appreciate anyone taking the trouble to not only read the book but come back and post a review. Thanks to the reviewers.

The book is available at all good ebook retailers including the Apple iTunes Store.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Promoting your Stall at Exeter and other Markets

When stallholders set up at a market for the first time they're a casual which means they won't have the best stall position in the place and will be a new face to the locals. Unless you have a well known brand, a local following or sell food you may have an underwhelming day and go away disgruntled. It happens and can be discouraging.

Some new stallholders give up at this point and say, 'that market's hopeless, I'm never coming back', without doing a couple of things first including approaching the competition who are probably doing very nicely thank you, and having a chat. If you do that at Exeter you'll find a core of permanent stallholders who have prevailed throughout the market's formative first year, bad weather and consequent poor crowds and developed a loyal following who come to Exeter every month to see them. Of course, most of them are seasoned professionals which is all the more reason to talk to them.

Another thing that should be done is to consider what you can do to create a bit of a buzz around your stall even before you arrive. Yes, I'm talking about the dreaded promotional advertising. Most stallholders do nothing to help themselves in this regard other than attending markets. That's fine but it's not hard to do more from the comfort of your desk or a chair with your iPhone or computer.

If you have a website, blog or Facebook page put up a list of markets you attend regularly and provide not only links to the market websites but the dates you'll be there. If you have a Twitter account, use it, including on market day. Tweet the odd photo from where you are. It works to get people talking about you.

List yourself on sites like the Local Market Guide and the Market Stallholders Register where market visitors look to see what markets are on and market organisers go hunting for stallholders.

Get as much promotion from market organisers as you can. Some large markets offer featured listings on their websites, at a price of course. But consider what it will do for you to be visible to the many people who visit those websites every day.

If you're a casual and not offered a featured listing, see if you can advertise on the market page. If you decide to pay for advertising make sure you have a bright, clean image to put up. Like everything else on the net, images are everything. Take photos of your setup at home or better still at a market with people around. A group shot can be cropped to produce a distilled image of what you and your products are about. People in pictures sell product.

Free advertising is available everywhere so consider using it. An ad would be for what you sell with 8 or 9 images) and while promoting the product provide the information that you'll be at such and such a market on a particular day. Gumtree, OLX Free Ads and Wollongong Free Ads by Locanto are just three possibilities.

If you intend to do the rounds of markets in an area think about local magazines which may not come out more than once a month but are more than worthwhile. The Jordan's Crossing Gazette in Bundanoon is, as well as being a good read, a local directory of what's on and who does what. People keep it until the next one comes out because it's full of ads by local businesses. The Gazette will have counterparts in other areas.

Good luck.

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Five Star Reviews for Diary of a Novice Market Organiser 
Exeter Village Market's Online Store is an Opportunity

Booking a Stall at Exeter Village Market

The Market website was revamped this week and I hope the new look gets the seal of approval from users and stallholders. The new format has better navigation which allows me to provide more information and quicker online services to new and existing stallholders.

I welcome new stallholders at Exeter and am always ready to consider applications from quality traders.  We have a regular callout for stallholders on the Local Market Guide noticeboard. To apply use the online form on the Market website: It's no use ringing my mobile, everyone has to apply and be approved.

All new stallholders need to apply and submit not only their details, but provide photographs and descriptions of their products as well as a copy of a current certificate of currency for their $20m public liability insurance policy:

Once an application is accepted the stallholder is an approved casual stallholder and can book into coming markets, again using an online form:

Earlier in the week all existing stallholders were given our updated policy for attending the market which is simple but requires some future planning if a trader wishes to attend the market as all casual bookings must be received and paid for two weeks before the market a stallholder wishes to attend.

Late bookings made less than two weeks before the market will miss out.

Payment for casual stalls is made through the Market Shop: and again must be completed two weeks before the market a stallholder wishes to attend.

To illustrate, at the time of writing the next Exeter Market will be held on Saturday 3 August. The deadline for casual bookings is 19 July.

The policy is designed to support the market as a whole, including our permanent stallholders who attend every market and can be let down by no shows by casual stallholders on market day. Stallholders wishing to be offered a permanent place at Exeter will have to show an ongoing commitment to the market over many months. It's worth it to receive a preferred stall position, a free featured listing on the market website, free promotion and lower stall fees.

We can't guarantee your stall will be a raging success but Exeter visitors know what they like and stallholders with a desirable product do well. It's important to give local visitors in particular time to look you over before they part with their money.

Stallholders also need to be aware that their product may need adjustment to meet the demands of the market or in extreme cases, just isn't going to work but if you're clever enough to produce one thing, you're able to apply your talent to something else. Don't give up, keep calm and be creative.

An example? You're a talented woodworker or seamstress but just haven't hit it off with your preferred product. The talent is the thing to apply to something else that you can try out at Exeter at little cost to you. A small production of a desirable product will result in sales as well as the feedback you'll receive from meeting and talking to buyers. Markets like Exeter are after all only a modern version of the marketplace where people have met, tradeed and bartered since civilization began. An alternative is to apply your particular talent not to production but offering say a repair or maintenance service to time poor professionals or offer to make to order. Talent displayed in one creation is the best advertising you can have to receive orders to make other things.

If all else fails and you still want to live the free life of a stallholder consider taking on someone else's highly desirable and probably already successful product as an agent.

The benefits of being a casual stallholder at Exeter are free promotion in the Market newsletter, in our advertising and on social media as well as joining a professional group of stallholders who are making Exeter a 21st century market with a difference. New stallholders can learn a lot from watching the old hands at work.

One of the differences at Exeter is that any stallholder can list products in the Market Shop which provides traders with an ecommerce platform at little cost, particularly if they don't have their own website. How to do it is here:

We also accept advertising on the Market website home page: for $100 a year which is cheap and gives any stallholder's business a significant web presence.

The Stallholder Information page of the website is the place to start.

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Five Star Reviews for Diary of a Novice Market Organiser
Exeter Village Market's Online Store is an Opportunity 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

It's Market Day at Exeter

We're open today from 9am to 3pm. Come out and see what we have to offer which is a lot for a village market out here in the sticks. But it is beautiful and worth the trip!

It's Christmas in July and we've put up a few lights and things in the hall to add to the atmosphere the stallholders will create with their wonderful offerings.

Food, Food, Food

Fashion and Design

See you there, 12-20 Exeter Road, Exeter 2578. Directions are on the website or put the address into your sat nav. Meanwhile, I am off at dawn to set up!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Original Fashion & Home Design at Exeter Village Market

Finding original, affordable fashion and home decor can be hard which is one of the reasons markets like Exeter attract bargain hunters and those looking for that special something. Here's some of what we'll have at tomorrow's Christmas in July market and at our regular markets on the first Saturday of the month.

The Brazilian Collection is a range of original fashion by Mirjana Jovic. Her style and fabric choices are fabulous. Check her out.

Chloe Bennell designs a range of vests and jackets in rabbit fur and Tibetan sheep skin. She also has gumboots.
Virginia Edwards makes a range of unique accessories from ties:
Belisa Cashmere is a local paddock to you producer from Bundanoon. Their quality range from scarves and hats to the finest knitwear, is timeless.
Simply Creative is the work of Neelam Singhal who has fine silk scarves as well as accessories and cushions. Neelam takes orders.
Marie Pierre is making only her second appearance at the market with a range of children'scoats and hats. they're going so fast I don't have a photo so check out her range in the hall.

Jean and Rita are market stalwarts who create gorgeous things in merino and alpaca. Have a chat, try them on, place an order.
Of course if you're furnishing, decorating or just having some fun at home we may have what youre looking for:     
Jane Newson's Black on White transfers on pillow cases, cloths, cards, tags...............and more.
Highland Quilts have an ever changing range of handmade quilts and vests in Liberty fabrics. Treasures, every one.

Fiona Whiley is a Close to My Heart Consultant who is able to bring order to those valuable memories. She offers parties and workshops in the Southern Highlands, Wollongong and Goulburn areas with photo celebration solutions.

Bay Vintage home offer a range of memory blocks and cushions for children, babies and adults in vintage fabrics. A brilliant range to choose from.

Mabel and Moshen Uriatti bring their affordable range of Persian rugs to the market. They're great value. Talk rugs, repairs and care with them.

Baytson Hill Lavender & Antiques are local lavender growers with scented candles, soaps, lavender sachets and wonderful collectables.

This is only a sample of what Exeter is about. We're on tomorrow for Christmas in July from 9am to 3pm at Exeter Village Hall - 12-20 Exeter Road Exeter 2578 in the beautiful Southern Highlands.

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